Saturday, May 10, 2014

Why I applied for a demotion

A while back I wrote a post called Apple Pie or Applesauce basically comparing apple pie to being a stay at home mom, and applesauce to my position as a mom who works full time. Both are tasty ways to eat apples, but I admit, I'd rather eat apple pie. There's going to be a change on my menu next month. I call it apple cobbler, which is to say, I'm going part-time. Since there are no part-time positions in the area I work in, I've applied for a demotion. Yes I had to apply to get demoted, and get a pay-cut. Interviewed and everything.

Someone recently said to me,

"So instead of being a full-time mom, and full-time employee, you're going to be a full-time mom, and part-time employee." Wow, I had never thought of it that way. Now, I think of this decision as being totally rational despite the downsides (pay-cut, demotion, etc). I did question for a long time whether this was a crazy thing to do. People loose their jobs every day, and here I am complaining I don't want to work as much, but here's the thing I learned from that comment, being a mom is a full time job.

My entire life I've always worked two jobs. In high school I worked as a receptionist for work release, and taught piano lessons after school. In college I worked in two stores at the mall. Then I did one mall job, and got an on campus job at the gym. After college I worked full time doing telemarketing and at my current job. The day I had Hunter was the last day I worked as a telemarketer. At the time I thought it was going to be so nice only working one full time job. I can't believe I never realized being a mom and working was still like having two full time jobs.

Naturally my biggest concern with going part time was the money. I like to think that I'm not wrapped up in who has what, but it made me sad knowing it might be years before we can afford to install a dishwasher in our kitchen, or finish our basement. For once in our lives we finally seemed to be at a point where we had a little cushion at the end of the month, and it was really hard to decide we were going to scrimp by again.

It's a good thing I never stopped coupon shopping. Yes I'm that crazy lady who goes to the grocery store with a binder of her clipped coupons. I also could never get over spending more than $20 on a shirt or a pair of jeans. I still head to the back of the store for the clearance racks, I still accept hand me downs from cousins, and I still shop at the thrift store. Cheap must be in my blood.

Last November I wrote a post called Palpitations where I was also contemplating taking an available demotion for part-time. That was six months ago. Sometimes I wasn't even sure this would ever happen, so I'm really excited to be stepping into this part of my future. It's one of those futures you're not sure will happen, and when it does you feel incredibly lucky that the future is looking pretty bright.

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