Monday, May 5, 2014

I'm starting to wonder if we're crazy for raising chickens

I thought I would make the announcement that we are now owners of 8 chickens and 4 turkeys, and share some pictures of our almost finished chicken coop which has turned into a monster of a project. You know, the kind where you're like, oh this will be easy, no big deal, a weekend project. Then it turns into a never ending project you couldn't have dreamed would create so much work, your asking, how did I get myself into this? Yes, it's that one.

Originally we'd planned to make a tiny movable coop, then our neighbors gutted their house and let us take all their old beams. So we decided to use them to build a shed, This way we could park the quad in it, and I would finally be able to use our garage for car parking. Sounds like a great idea right?

I guess in theory it still is, but had I known all that goes into building something that big, I think I would have backed out immediately.  First we had to demolish a huge pine tree, because chickens have to be a certain distance from the house.

Then once the thing was built we realized we couldn't just paint the plywood, we had to add siding first of course. Let's not forget we learned that chickens like to be outside. I know, how dumb are we for not figuring this out earlier, and we thought, silly us! Instead of also building an outdoor pen, let's just fence in our yard. Surely that will be more efficient than building a pen.

Did I mention a few weeks after we bought the chickens in February we began to suspect I was allergic to them. I had the most severe allergies of my life for three weeks before I finally found a medication that worked, hallelujah for Allegra D. So we are now on the countdown as the chickens are getting pretty big. They seem to enjoy their coop, but we still have to finish the fence, their nests, and their chicken door to the yard. I must give props though to my handy husband for building all of this. Yes he is pretty amazing, I picked him myself, can you believe it? I know, I'm an extremely lucky girl.
The inside of the coop
A few of the chickens

One week old Turkeys
8 week old Turkeys

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