Saturday, May 10, 2014

Five reasons you should love your crappy car

Growing up we owned old cars. They were vintage and fixed up by my Dad, like his Mustang and El Camino, or they were beaters like the Bronco we bought for $900 and gave a new coat of paint. So it hasn't bothered me that we've never had a new car. I'm used to it. So in no particular order, these are my top 5 reasons you should love your crappy car.

The closest we came to buying a new car was before we had kids. I wrecked this awesome little turquoise green car we were given by a family member when we got married, and we needed a new one ASAP. We bought our Mitsubishi Lancer from Low Book Sales for way too much right before the economy tanked. Within a year it was worth half what we owed, but it's never broken down on the side of the road. This brings me to reason #1: The more you pay for a car the more reliable it is.

Now that it's been almost a decade since we bought this little gem, I'm beginning to love it even more. I don't mind so much the huge dent in the trunk I got when pulling out of our carport and ramming my father-in-law's truck. It will always be the reminder that I forgot to look, which is reason #2: You will be a safer driver if your car has dents they will remind you to look before you back up.

The little dent over the passenger side wheel well Mike made with his butt. He was trying to use his behind to push us out of a snow filled ditch next to the curb at my Uncle's house. This is reason #3: Dents can also be a reminder of your hubby's nicest asset, which will make you smile every time you see it.

There was also this time I was run off the road into construction barrels by a semi. He decided to exit the freeway from two lanes over. My passenger side mirror hit a barrel and the mirror popped off, exploding into the pavement at 50 mph. I don't think the semi ever saw me and I was too happy to be alive to think to get his license plate number. Mike cut out a new mirror and I glued it on myself, the edges are kind of rough, but at least it still functions. This is reason #4: If anyone ever hits you and runs, you will have the good sense to memorize their license plate number.

The last thing I love about this car is the awesome knob. The temperature knob had always been a little sticky until one day I turned too hard and it broke off. For a while we adjusted the air with some pliers until more of the inside of the knob broke off. Then finally last year it was completely stuck on a/c. When the temperature outside started to dip, my handy husband took off the panel, disconnected the a/c and voila somehow we had heat again in the car. It's about time to have him take that panel off again re-connect the a/c wires which he will lovingly continue to do each spring. Reason #5 is: Your crappy car will help you appreciate how handy your husband is.

Yup, I think we're pretty lucky to have this little gem.

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  1. That's one pretty awesome car! Eventually, cars are measured based on how reliable they are. Seeing that yours hasn’t a major breakdown after all this years, it's safe to say that it has served you really well. Perhaps your view of it as "crappy" results on how it appears. A bit of car loving and minor repairs could help to make it look a lot better. A reliable car deserves to look good, after all!

    John Kallenbach @ A-1 Tool, Inc.