Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Princess Tea Party

I think Amy's 4th Birthday Party was a success! I may have gone a little overboard with the decorating, but can you blame me? It was too much fun. Of course I searched all over Pinterest  for weeks until I found how-to's galore. So if you're planning your own Princess Soiree, here's the links for the decorations.

First we let the girls decorate their own princess crown. I found the template here and traced it onto foam paper, then when they were done I held them around the girls head, used a stapler to secure the two ends together and voila! Don't they look royal!

Then we had our Tea Party part of the party. I will admit, I used the 100 year old china inherited from my Grandmother-In-Law, and maybe 3 and 4 year old girls wouldn't care if they got to use real china, but I couldn't help myself. I know, risky, but I'd rather see it used than sit on a shelf 12 months out of the year. We told the girls Cinderella had lent it to us from the palace, they were really excited about that. We had pink lemonade, skewers with berries, and pb&j sandwiches.

Next they played pin the lips on the frog. I take no credit for this at all because my husband is the artist. I simply printed a picture of a frog I liked and asked him to draw it on a giant piece of paper. Here is the link where I printed the lips from.

Our last game was hot potato. I played Disney music while they threw around a ball of tissue paper with prizes wrapped inside. When the music stopped, the girl holding the hot potato got to unwrap a layer and find the prize. Sorry no picture, but I think you can imagine tissue paper balled up in the shape of a potato.

At least one thing has to go wrong when you plan something, and mine was the cake. I'm not artistic when it comes to baking, so I ordered the cake from the grocery store. Which would have been really cute had they used the colors of icing that were in their display picture, green lawn with pink trim, but no, it was a really really red and green cake, it didn't match a single decoration. Fortunately, all the girls cared about was that it was chocolate on the inside.

Then Mike decided to have a Duck Dynasty moment and join in on the tea party. . . .

After presents were done, we had run out of time, so Mike entertained the little girls with duck calls and letting them pet all the stuffed ducks and heads in the living room. I know, we're just strange like that.

I think they were plenty entertained. I hope you've enjoyed the Princess Tea Party with a little Redneck flair. 

Next week is Hunters Birthday, but don't expect quite as much preparation to go into his. He chose to have a swim party at the rec center, and I am so happy I don't have to decorate or scrub my house floor to ceiling for that one. Sometimes I wonder what were we thinking having our kids birthday's in the same month!?

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