Thursday, January 2, 2014

Overdue Acne Update

My first post about this was back in October, so I'm a a little overdue, but to be honest I wanted to wait until I had better results, and I do. Although, the stuff I tried did come with side effects. The two topical creams not so much, but the testosterone suppressant was full of unexpected surprises.

I was warned that my potassium level could dip and if it did, I would feel "weird" and to watch out for that. My experience instead was nausea. I actually wondered if I was pregnant after the first few weeks, okay not really, but the nausea did rival morning sickness. Still, I decided I could handle a little dizziness.

Then it started to mess with my cycle which was great because that month somehow my body bypassed it's cyclicatory PMS mood swing/depression, bonus! After the first month I was pretty happy with the side effects (the nausea was also making me want to eat less and I lost a few lbs). The next month, nausea was in full force and I couldn't keep my cookies down.

That's where I draw the line. No amount of puking makes any of that worth it, so I stopped taking them until I felt like myself again. They also did a great job of clearing up my face, which is why I began taking them again in a lower dose, and so far no nausea at all this time. Now I'm just praying it lasts.


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