Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year Resolutions Updated

If you can remember a month ago,which I cannot, and had to re-read this post  all over again to remember what those five resolutions. I know, I'm not off to a good start if I can't even remember what my resolutions were, but not matter how behind I am, here's the update to those goals.

#1. I stopped tracking calories after a week, using the excuse that it's too time consuming and I would just make better choices with food. That backfired with all the Christmas goodies floating around our house and I gained one pound since said goal setting. So my re-resolution is again to make healthy choices and not track calories, but I've printed out motivational quotes to tape to the fridge and around the house to help me remember to make the better choice.

#2. The Monopoly store is in full swing and Hunter loves it. We have been more consistent, and made substantial progress. He's learned all 26 letters, got a handful of sight words under his belt, can count to 100, and write to 20, this is major progress!

#3. I did pretty good with this one and stayed on track until last week, the week of Christmas. Missed a workout, got a cold and didn't work out the entire week. I'll get back on track this week.

#4. Haven't gone to the temple yet, had FHE, or done family scriptures yet. Beginning next week our work schedules both change so we're going to try early morning reading, so we'll see if we're more successful. I get to go to a wedding this week, does that count as temple attendance? FHE will still be tricky, Monday night I'll still be working, but working at home, so we'll see how well I can multi-task.

#5. The last grateful list in my journal was December 11th, so clearly I need some extra work in this area as well.

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