Wednesday, December 18, 2013

When we have to flex our parenting skills

A child of mine, after being repeatedly told his play date was tomorrow and not today, opted to lie to his teacher about who was picking him up from school, and walk to his friends house, instead of going home with his cousins. All kinds of thoughts about this child's future burst from my brain, like is this the beginning of his rebelliousness? how can we use this to teach him what he did was dishonest? and dangerous? and the embarrassment he caused when I got a call from his friends mother, wondering why he was at her house?  Well, maybe he doesn't need to know about that last one, but boy I felt like today was do or die, like if we didn't handle this right, today, right away, we would loose our innocent five year old forever. I'm sure I'm being overly dramatic about this whole thing, but hey, I can't help the thoughts that run around in my mind.

I'm pretty sure when he saw his Dad hop out of the truck at his friends house, he had the fear of God in his eyes. For the first time ever, a 5 minute timeout would not do, and he was sentenced to his room the rest of the evening. He stayed willingly, and actually took a long nap. Maybe he was tired from his after school excursion. These were followed by one of those Full House heart to heart talks, yep never thought I'd be the mom having one of those, anyways. . . .Being raised in an uber strict household, I always worry if I'm being too harsh with rules and punishment and all, but I think we succeeded in teaching him what he did today was not okay by any standards. Overall I think he's a sweet, caring, diligent kid, so we must be doing some things right, right?

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