Saturday, December 14, 2013

Having a BahHumBug Moment

Christmas doesn't exactly bring out the best in me when it comes to home decorating. Our house has been under renovations ever since we bought it five years ago. The first year included renovating the master bedroom and bathroom because we bought the house from my in-laws, and it would have been too weird to sleep in "their" bedroom, so we had to make it our own. Next all the wall-paper had to come down, and new paint graced our front entry room and hallway followed by new faux wood floors the year after that. Last year we finished the laundry room, which leaves us with a kitchen and living room remodel, new carpet upstairs and down, two bathrooms and three bedrooms to finish in the basement and in 10 more years we'll be done!

Just in time for the kids to grow into teenagers, enjoy their finished rooms for a couple of years then move out. Life sometimes seems to work backwards (anyway, that's a future post). But at Christmas time I go into hyper remodel mode to have everything just right for our big Greek Christmas Eve dinner with my family, and our in-law breakfast Christmas morning. Of course it never is just right, it's more like as good it gets for this year.

So instead of blogging as much as I could have this week, I've been working out more (which I'm not complaining about, because I'd rather have washboard abs, than washed the dishes, not that I've got/done either?) and I've been painting doors, (hopefully I can find the box of stainless looking door-knobs stashed somewhere in the basement or garage for the last 5 years). I'm happy with my whitewashed doors, I feel like it makes the whole house brighter, lighter and cleaner looking, but I miss the stolen hour here and there when I would read or be inspired to jot something down;  however that won't stop me from attempting to also paint the kitchen and stairwell. And let's not forget finish the Christmas shopping, wrapping, treat making, and gift giving. Am I sounding like the Grinch yet? Only 17 more days till New Years, I'll be glad to have all this busyness behind me.

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