Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Our Broken Bone Story

For the last two weeks I've been in kind of a funk. I'm sure it has to do with Amy falling off the kitchen counter while somebody else was watching her. I rushed home from work and took her to the IHC InstaCare.

We've gone there many times, usually when a cold isn't just a cold and we know there's going to be a prescription involved, but it's the weekend. Isn't it always the weekend when the kids get super sick? But this time, we show up and the name on the outside of the building has changed to After Hours Medical. Well, I've got a kid who's screaming her arm still hurts an hour later, so we're going in. We get x-rays, a soft cast, with the tiniest sling I've even seen and we're on our way.

"We'll call your tomorrow to let you know if it's broken" they say. Next day at 7:30 pm I call them.

"We'll let you know tomorrow" I"m told again. Next morning the receptionist calls me back.

"It's not broken" she says.

"That's great, but what do I do with it?"

"What do you mean" she says.

"Well, she says it still hurts." She puts me on hold for a few minutes.

"Then take her to Primary Children's Orthopedic Center."

"But you just told me it's not broken?" I say

"Well, that's what the doctor said."

Thanks. So another 24 hours of wondering what the right thing to do is. I called her normal pediatrician and spoke with the nurse. She was great, and gave me some advice I could really use. Keep it in the sling, and if it still hurts in 7-10 days bring her in. Finally, now we had a plan. Initially I thought, now I can relax, I don't have to be worried anymore, I just have to wait week or so. Then later that same night the doctor After Hours called. First of he and the receptionist both said,

"Hello, is Amy there?" Don't they know she's 3? I kept wondering to myself.

"This is her mom." I answered

"Oh hi, this is doctor so and so, we spoke this morning?"

"Um, no, I spoke with the receptionist this morning."

"No, we spoke earlier today."

"The person I spoke with was female." I think I've irritated him by this point, so he moves on.

"We've got the full report back from the radiologist, and I'm just going to read you exactly what it says here." From which he basically used a lot of big words to say that they believe there's a good chance it's fractured, but they can't see it in the x-ray.

So my relaxed mind had about 5 minutes before I spent the rest of the week feeling like bad mom. I know, it could have happened to anybody, but I couldn't help the detrimental feeling that this happened because I was at work, instead of being the person taking care of my kids. Honestly, it could have happened to anyone, it even could have happened while I was at home. Alight, let's put working mommy guilt aside, I waited, hoping she would magically get better. After 10 days, I took her soft cast off, prodded her elbow, watched her wince and scream at me for touching it, and called the pediatrician back.

Take her to Primary Childrens. Appointment scheduled and 3 days later we arrived! Two more x-rays and I finally knew for sure without any doubt that she had cracked the pointy tip of her elbow. She would be sporting a neon pink cast for the next 3 weeks. Oh the relief! I never thought I would be so happy to hear my child's elbow was broken! But seriously, bad news is a whole lot better than not knowing. To alleviate any more guilt I ask the very kind lady doctor

"Did I totally make this worse for her by waiting two weeks to bring her in?" And in the most kind way she says

"It's no big deal, she didn't break her inner elbow, with the cast on she'll heal right up." Thank you, thank you, thank you, lady doctor. We can all move on, I'm not a bad mother, Amy is healing, and she's lovin' the pink cast.

Have you ever had a kid with a broken bone? What's your story? Did you go through something similar, or completely different?

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