Friday, November 29, 2013

28 Days of Thankful

Since I didn't do the whole things I am grateful for each day of the month, I thought I would do them all in one day, so here goes:
  1. Kids who love to cuddle
  2. On that note, ugga mugga's (rubbing noses) from Amy who insists she must have one before anybody can leave the house.
  3. My husband who lets me read him every blog post for approval before publishing.
  4. Chocolate
  5. Books
  6. Libraries
  7. Tuesday Dinners
  8. My little niece so I can still buy baby clothes
  9. Nursery, both being called to Nursery, and when I got to send the kids there.
  10. Our dog who no longer pees on the carpet since we started buying potty treats.
  11. When we have deer and elk meat in our freezer.
  12. When I get my husband back after hunting season.
  13. The smell of pine from the Christmas Trees at Smiths.
  14. Children who climb into my bed when I am afraid of the dark. (just don't tell them that)
  15. Plastic plates and spoons cuz when you don't have a dishwasher, plastic is your best friend.
  16. When my husband does the dishes, he's so much faster than me.
  17. When the kids hold the couch cushions apart so I can vacuum between them, really makes me happy!
  18. The days that Hunter wakes up before I do and cheerily lets the dog outside all by himself.
  19. When kids brush their teeth without whining, it does actually happen on occasion.
  20. Long drives in the mountains
  21. The perks of working for an airlines, like flying for free.
  22. People who now call me Anya with a Y, you are so endearing, you have no idea.
  23. Audiobooks
  24. My job who gave me time off work when we got stuck in the Primary Childrens waiting room for two hours.
  25. The awesome Christensen's, no place I'd rather be on Thanksgiving!
  26. For tons of cousins for my little ones to run around with while we stuff our faces with Turkey.
  27. For Christmas Tree's from Smiths Marketplace, ahh the smell!
  28. Online shopping, so I can get my Black Friday on even though I have to work, especially Amazon :)
Merry Christmas!
(yes! I can finally say that now!)

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