Monday, October 7, 2013

The Pendaflex Road

Sometimes I love to file paperwork, taking that stack on my desk by the mailbox and reducing it to perfect orderliness in my file cabinet. Then there's the part I dread, going through each file, eliminating useless old papers to the trash bin, shredding, creating new folders, alphabetizing them among the old, etc. . . can you guess what I did tonight? Yup, instead of reading intelligent
writings to inspire me tonight, I read 2009 tax statements and found years of registrations for vehicles we don't even own anymore. I also discovered I'm not as good of a paper filer as I thought. A medical bill was in the Manuals folder. Bank statements were in the Vehicles folder. Life Insurance statements were in the Retirement folder Oh My! Don't worry I wasn't as afraid as Dorothy and the scarecrow, I filed away on my Pendaflex road, and found Zion (that is Zions Bank file) at the end.

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