Saturday, October 19, 2013


I can't get Royals out of my head. I'd heard it before but it caught my attention on an episode of Revenge, then I heard it on the radio several days in a row. I love when lyrics sound like poetry, I think that's why I'm such a fan of Pearl Jam, every one of their songs reads like a poem. But I couldn't figure out Lordes' lyrics on my own so I went to where I found more teenage interpretations than I could ever want. Once I got some perspective on the meaning, I'm now somewhat disgusted with the song, I love it but I hate it. Here's why.

It's ironic that someone singing about how she lives in a bad neighborhood, who doesn't have wealth, has to count her dollars, who claims not to be caught up in a love affair with celebrity, admits the only fantasy she really wants to have is to be queen B to rule or should we say be on top, be cool. Even more ironic is how wealthy she'll become from making this song, and I find it hard to believe with all that money she'll earn she's not going to move into a big house, ride on private planes, wear diamonds and ball gowns.

It's a dirty trick that she's putting down other artists in order to help herself rise to fame, but that is the one fantasy she asks you to let her live, to be queen B, so at least she's not shady one bit about her intentions, and yet we're all falling for it.


  1. Anya, in the lyrics for Royals one thing I canot overlook, is the change in persona in the above mentioned verse, she goes from "I" in verse 1 to "We" or "Us" in the beginning of the mentioned verse then goes as far as to say "Baby" ill rule (i'll rule x3) Let me live that fantasy... and when she sings it, there is a draw, or a emphasis on "That"... I can only really interpret this in two ways, when speaking of "us" followed by "Baby" she has switched it up from first person, to singing to someone.. Baby... a lover, friend, someone close is all that can truly be assumed... and the emphasis on "That" "fantasy" can be assumed that she wants to live the fantasy with her baby.... not lavishly in the public eye....
    second interpretation... is the word "Ruler"... again emphasis is placed on this word in the verse, drawn out like ruuuler, now in pop music, a very common thing to do is to use words that have multiple meanings... we know a ruler of the land, would go with Queen... but another meaning of the word exists, a ruler, as in a measureing device... now if she was meaning let me be your ruler "measureing device" you can call "ME" queen "bee" (also said to possibly be a reference to Beyonce' said to be the current queen of serious pop music) it could be interpreted as she wants to be the new standard in the industry, and basicly you can call her queen bee (instead of beyonce') and she would rule (again using a different usage of rule) as in that "rules" or kicks butt... put it together. she wants to be the standard, rising to take beyonce's place as queen, and rule in awesomeness, let her live that fantasy.... get it.... just a couple of my own 34 year old interpretations, (only mentioning my age because of your "old lady" comment on LOL) Joe...

    1. I love your interpretation! I'm going to think of it every time I hear this song. Ahh now I can enjoy Royals again, thanks for putting such a positive twist on it :)