Monday, October 14, 2013

My Pet Peeve

I love my job I really do. Most of the time it's non-stressful. I get to work with people who are always fun and entertaining. I love the friendly banter that goes on in the group IM's. I salivate for the next witty words that make me smile and laugh out loud. I get to work 50% at home too, which is such a bonus I don't have to miss my kids on those days. I love the projects I get to help with, especially when I get to be creative or write things. But when it comes to having to work away from home, my biggest pet peeve is when the toilet paper at work has another roll pushing down on top of it, so the paper breaks off one square at a time. I'm sorry but one square is never enough, I need a nice long piece I can create multiple layers with so I don't sully my hands. I know I'll wash them immediately, but still, that's just gross. I've tried the hold the extra roll up while I attempt to pull, but once I got my finger stuck in there so that's risky business. Sometimes if you pull real gently you can get three squares out before it breaks, but then I have to depend on luck. It's so trivial I know, but every time that teepee rips before I'm ready I'm thinking oooh, I really hate that.

Anybody else with a potty pet peeve?

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