Thursday, October 17, 2013

My five year old asks me if he can do aerobics. . ..

should I be worried or proud? All I have to do to get Hunter to eat a meat, fruit, or veggie is tell him it will make him big, strong, and healthy. When I run on my treadmill he gets his gloves on an punches our heavy punching bag right alongside me. He's such a skinny guy and most kids in his class are taller than him. I'm pretty sure his main concern is making sure he grows as big and tall as the other kids. Today he surprised me though. I've only done an exercise video a handful of times with the kids around, but for some reason only known to Hunter he asked me if I would turn on a workout video for him. It's a couple hours before bedtime so I thought Sure! get all your energy out! Little sister Amy followed along too for the first five minutes, but Hunter is now 30 minutes in and still going strong, oh I do wish I had his energy.

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