Saturday, October 12, 2013

Hunting Season Begins

Do you need to be a hunter to be the flesh and blood son of Mike Horman? Probably not, but Mike is the flesh of Steve who is the prodigy of his father Jerry who taught him to hunt. Mike teaches our son Hunter you have to roam the hillside; sitting hidden in the bushes is for inexperienced hunters. How many miles can you go? A year after I birthed Hunter I went with Mike to get our meat off the hillside. The snow was up to my
thighs. When we got to the top of the first hill, I thought we had made it, and then Mike pointed down another valley and up and over two more hills on the side of the mountain. I asked him if I could turn back, he said it was too late, I asked if I could wait and help pack the meat out from our current point, he said I would freeze if I didn’t keep moving. I followed him another three miles then videotaped as he and his brother cracked the ribs of an elk to push the organs aside and harvest the meat. I’m squeamish around humans but the dead Elk didn’t bother me. I haven’t been hiking with him since, it’s been four years. I know he still loves me even though I don’t help him bring his animals’ home anymore. I know he would love Hunter too even if he had no disposition to hunt, but he is true to his namesake and I think he is loved more because of it.

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