Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Hunter is my wild child. He is impatient, loud and rambunctious. He is also very friendly, every time I drop him off at school he runs to catch up with any kid who appears his size and quickly introduces himself. He has such a sweetness for others and is very sensitive to people's feelings. One day I was
moping around the house, I can't remember what I was upset about or if it was anything in particular, I was just having a bad day. After lunch I noticed pictures on the fridge covering the bottom half, as high as Hunter could reach. They were pictures of our family, me, Hunter, Mike, Amy and even our Beagle Stewey. I asked Hunter to come into the kitchen and kneeling down, asked him why he had make all these pictures. He took a step closer, wrapped his thin arms around my shoulders and said, "I drew them to make you happy", my heart melted, all the grumpiness leaking out.

Life is beginning to settle down and we're getting back to our norms. Since we got back I feel like I've been hyper focused on Hunters learning and development in Kindergarten. Mike and I have been working with him daily to make sure he's not falling behind, he really struggled in preschool and we both began to notice some things about his learning that we're off. He has a difficult time focusing and memorizing/retaining information. Writing his name with the letters in the correct order is also very difficult for him. Pointing to a word, repeating it, next word, point, repeat, point, repeat, is a great challenge for him. I'm not sure if he lacks focus and patience, or is not understanding what we are trying to teach him.

No parent wants to admit that their child might have a learning disability, including me, I was Miss Academic growing up, I would freak out if I had an A minus like my life was ruined. As much as I would have liked to procrastinate doing something and ignore the issue for as long I can, I bit the bullet and emailed Hunters teacher. I feel so much better now that she has replied and the nervousness of doing it is over. His teacher has noticed the same things we have and is on board to have him tested for dyslexia and learning disabilities. Mike's Aunt has also offered to come over and tutor him. She has over 20 years experience working in schools so I know she'll be a great asset for Hunter. We are so lucky to have her. His teacher is also wonderful and I'm so grateful she is on board in helping us help Hunter.

He is such a hard little worker and he has a great desire to learn. I have seen a lot of progress since he's started school despite the things he struggles with. He is also so very creative. I cringe when he asks me to play Lego's with him, because I cannot compete with his industrial mind. The buildings and vehicles he builds with Lego's are so intricate and well thought out, while mine are very square and unimaginative. I think no matter what trials in learning Hunter will go through, he will always have strengths in creativity, sensitivity, and work ethic. I'm so proud of the little boy he is.


  1. Great post, Anja! My friend had dyslexia growing up, but she's totally over it now and just got her master's in education. She says it helps her teach kids who have those same issues.

  2. That's so great to hear Nat! It reinforces my belief that Hunter is very smart, he's just learning differently than most kids.