Sunday, October 6, 2013

General Conference

When I was a kid we didn't have General Conference (a semi-annual broadcast from the leaders of the LDS church) on the TV. Maybe if we had lived in Utah we would have, but we lived in California, where you had to have cable to watch Conference on TV. My Mom and I would turn on
every radio in the house and she would crochet or knit something while she listened and I would entertain myself.. 

I remember taking play dough and putting it into a press and making as many tiny shells as 3 containers of play dough would allow. I thought they were so beautiful I couldn't bear to mush them up and put them back in the container, so I let them harden and decorated my window sill with them. I had a crimp and curl pony and while listening to conference I would sit braiding and curling every strand of her hair. Much of this was done after raiding the blanket closet and constructing a fort, which had to be sufficiently tall enough to sit in, and enclosed on every side. When it was finished I stuffed all the remaining blankets and pillows from my bed inside it. It was here, lavishly relaxing on the bed of blankets I listened to General Conference and felt comforted by the words of the speaker. I remember so distinctly the the feelings I had, of being loved, truth in the words, words of comfort, gladness and joy. This was the beginning of my love for General Conference.

We haven't had much success yet in getting the kids to listen to Conference until this year. I will admit on Saturday I didn't make the attempt to get the kids to listen, instead I streamed it on my phone and wore my armband with headphones as I did dishes, cleaned the bathroom etc. Sunday I figured it would be easier to turn off the TV since they're used to having it off that day, and I played Conference on the radio, as my Mom did when I was little. We went to the toy room and played and listened. The kids were quietly entertained as we painted nails together, washed Barbie's hair, made her over, and had a tea party. For the second session we did turn on the TV, everybody with their favorite blanket and they watched. I was amazed they stayed in the living room with out complaint, maybe they were tired from all the playing this morning. There was a lot of wiggling, but they were quiet wigglers. I hope that my kids will learn to enjoy conference in the same way I did, keeping their hands busy, their ears and hearts open to the messages and impressions of the spirit.

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