Wednesday, October 23, 2013

First Parent-Teacher Conference

Update on Hunter:

We're making progress! Especially since the last time I posted about Hunter. He's not going to be tested for any learning disabilities yet. He is getting a little bit of extra help from an aide in class. Mike and I are still working with him every day, and Mike's aunt has been coming once a week.

The Results: he can write his name! Yes! I will admit I shed a tear or two the first time he did it right. What can I say? I'm a proud mama. He's learned more letters, still coming slowly but we're almost there! Counting is coming too, he's learned all the numbers and I'm estimating one more week and he'll be able to count to 20.

My first parent teacher conference was last night, and since we already have a handle on where Hunter is academically I was worried about how he was doing socially, especially if he's anything like I was. I actually found my kindergarten report card a few days ago and even though I had no trouble academically, I scored as low as possible on things like, displays self-control, plays well with others, listens without interrupting, follows directions well, and you get the idea. Who knew I had such bad social skills? Or maybe I still do and you all aren't telling me . . . . . . .? I'm happy to report Hunter is nothing like I was. His teacher said he's very aware of his classmates feelings and is always willing to share, he intentionally tries to make all his classmates around him happy. He's friendly and plays great. Yes! Another proud mama moment.

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