Friday, October 4, 2013

Duck Dynasty

I'm so excited to go home and watch Duck Dynasty with Mike. It's our weekly ritual, the one show we both love. So while I'm thinking about here it, here are my 10 most favorite things
about Duck Dynasty.

  1. Men with beards
  2. Seeing what makes Phil Happy Happy Happy
  3. Willie's brothers harassing him
  4. Men coerced into doing things at their wives request (Willie as Santa, Phil & Kay's vow renewals)
  5. Red-neck stupidity (honey bees, burning garbage, chickens)
  6. Watching people eat disgusting things. . . frogs? ugh
  7. Grandpa's playing dress-up with grand-daughters (Si in make-up and jewelry)
  8. Miss Kay embarrassing her teenage grandkids (let's go bowling)
  9. Camouflage is in fashion
  10. Men with beards. . . . like the sexy bearded man waiting for me at home.
What do you love (or hate) about Duck Dynasty?

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