Monday, October 28, 2013

DIY no sew Fairy Costume

This year I was playing lazy and hoping I wouldn't have to make any Halloween costumes, especially since my sewing machine is broken and I haven't got around to taking it to a repair shop, and I lack the funds to buy the one I really want. I got lucky with Hunters costume finding a $12 Captain America at Costco over a month ago, and you know how much I love to impulse buy. But for Amy I could not find a costume that either of us liked, or that was the right size for a 3 year old. Why is everything either baby sized or little girl sized at Costco? I figured the easiest way to go for her was a no sew tutu. I found a $5 pair of wings at Wal-Mart in her favorite colors pink and purple, bought matching tulle and set to work.

Since I couldn't sew an elastic for the waistband, I used one of my elastic headbands to tie the tulle around, so glad it was the right size to fit Amy.

I used a plastic bin lid to wrap the tulle around so I only had to make one cut per spool, and make ever piece even and the same length.

Then I began attaching the tulle on the band by folding the tulle in half lengthwise, sliding the loop under the band the pulling the ends through, beginning with the color I wanted on the outside of her dress first.

After all the tulle was attached I turned it inside out so the purple would be on top and the knots were on the inside.

Attach some ribbon for straps, and tie another ribbon around her chest, put some sparkly shoes on her and voila she was done. Sorry though, you'll just have to wait until Halloween to see Captain America and the purple Fairy in costume.

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