Friday, October 25, 2013

Costco thrives on impulse purchases.

Has anyone ever had a conversation like this about going to Costco?

Mike: "The kids are really hacking it up at night. Let's go to Costco tomorrow and get a humidifier."

Me: "My monthly Costco trip isn't in my budget until November. If I go I'll buy all kinds of things I think we need. Why don't you go without me so I won't be tempted to buy anything else." He smiles at me his eye twinkling. I start to giggle.

Me: "Did I just say that? I forgot you're just as bad as I am! That's like sending an alcoholic to the state liquor store!"

Mike: "I could still go if you want me to, but it would be more fun if we went together."

Me: "Yes, we could help each other be strong! Will you reign me in? Shut me down if I try to buy anything else?"

Mike: "Course I will, and then let's get churros after!"

Me: "There you go, already tempting me to buy another thing!"

Mike: "You can't go to Costco without getting a churro! They're churrolicious."

Me: "You see, we're a lost cause!"

Mike: "Maybe you should go without me."

Me: "You're right, I think I have more self-control than you do."

Mike: "Damn straight!"

All joking aside I found another blog with some really great advice for shopping smart at Costco on The Money Beagle.

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