Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Boys Hats and Fathers

The last couple months Hunter has taken to wearing his Dad's hats. Sure they dwarf his head, and he looks like a little thug, but I think in the interest of being like Mike, Hunter always has a hat on if he can help it. Last Friday Hunter lost his favorite hat.. It's also one of Mike's favorites. When I got home on Friday Hunter was frantic, "you gotta help me find my hat" he said.

"It'll turn up somewhere, you're sure it's in the house, you didn't leave it in the car or at someone else's house?"

"I'm sure I had it at home." He reassured me.

"Why are you so worried?" I asked him.

"Because Dad told me it's his favorite hat and I was dead meat if I ever lost it!" He pleaded in his shrill voice.

"Ohh" I said. Now I was getting the picture.

Poor little guy, this hat has been haunting him for 4 days, and I noticed when Mike was home he was very careful not mention it, and when Mike wasn't home, he was constantly pestering me to help him find it. He even helped fold the mountain of clean laundry downstairs for an hour without loosing interest he was so intent in his hopes that it would be at the bottom of the pile.

Tonight is Mike's first night working swing shift but we still carried on our nightly routine of pajamas, teeth brushing, family scripture reading, and prayer without him. Hunter was again anxious about the hat so after we had already said our prays I said to him, "why don't you pray to Heavenly Father to help you find it."

"Okay!" he said really excited and set to work, "Dear Heavenly Father please bless I can find my hat, and please bless that there can be no monsters and please bless....."

"What are you thankful for?" I whispered

"and I'm thankful that you can help me find my hat, in the name of Jesus Christ Amen. Mom do you really think he'll help me find my hat?"

Casually I said, "I'm sure that if you pray every night eventually you'll find it." but in my mind I was thinking we can't expect to find it right away, that's just too much to ask for.

Then Hunter turned around and shrieked "Mom! I found it!" Yeah sure, I'm thinking, he's pretending. He walked across to a dark corner of the room, reached under a chair and pulled out his hat. I was stunned, and humbled.

Here I had been thinking this was such an unimportant thing, if he lost it for good there were ten other hats in the closet, and I had also been thinking whether he prayed or not eventually by default it would turn up, but I got hit in the chest with that hard lump in my throat. I began to feel how much our Heavenly Father cares for these little ones.

Something I thought was so trivial that I never even bothered to help Hunter look, but Heavenly Father cared so much for him and his plight, showed his love for my son as he allowed the design on the back of the hat to catch Hunter's eye as he turned around to walk to his bed. I know it's a little thing, but I can't deny it reconfirmed that thing I already knew but lost track of, that he hears all of our prayers, every one, even the little five year old who needs reminding to pray for the things he's thankful for. I felt how real his love is for children and I'm so grateful for the Lord for reminding me that he is aware of us, and waiting for us to be aware of him.

And yes, now that he's found the hat, he's sleeping with it so he'll be able to find it in the morning. Sweet dreams Hunter.

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