Monday, September 16, 2013

The Mom Marathon

Tomorrow let the marathon begin.

All I can think about is all the stuff I have to do tomorrow before we leave for California. Somehow I'm going to run 3 miles, take Amy to preschool, go to Walmart to get travel size shampoo etc and supplies to make the kids some busy bags and treats for the plane ride. Then pick Amy up, make them lunch, drop Hunter off at Kindergarten, try and assemble their busy bags, can as many tomatoes
as I can from the garden so they don't go bad while we're gone. Speaking of the garden, maybe I'll douse it with excess water tomorrow too, because I have no idea how it's going to get watered while we're gone as our timer broke in August and we decided not to replace it until next year, then. . . . Make a trip to the library so I don't die of boredom in case I end up too long in the hotel, even though chances are I will be so busy entertaining the kids the entire time, there will be no reading time for me. Oh, and pack so we can leave for the airport by 5:30 pm. Oops, I've forgotten to pick Hunter up from school in my mental list, hope that doesn't happen tomorrow.

So if I leave my blog barren this week, now you know why, I will be in sunny California, taking the kids to the beach as they've made me promise to, and boarding a Neptune Society boat to scatter my great-grandma's ashes, without sobbing like a maniac and looking like a lunatic in front of my cousin Craig whom I've never met before. I make it a point not to cry in front of unfamiliar crowds. Hoping I can come home and say, that was a great experience, instead of I'm so tired from that vacation I need another vacation.

I just remembered, I still need to fold the 6 loads of laundry I washed today. . .it's going to be a long night.

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