Saturday, September 7, 2013

When I grow up

I tend to say I don't have a strong talent because I have too many interests to focus on one thing and be really good at it. I also have a tendency to jump ship when things get hard. Example, college drop out. Just ask Mike I don't have the greatest track record. I also don't consider myself quite grown up yet. Maybe when I am a grandmother I will feel grown up, since having children
I think I only come to realize more and more how much about the world I don't know. Or maybe when I can say I've mastered all occupations on the list to follow I will find my rite of passage into adulthood.

When I grow up. . .

Writer, for the love of it.

Beekeeper, to pollinate my garden and harvest my own honey, I've had great success with eating a little bit of local honey daily to cure allergies, and it tastes so good.

Chicken raiser, to have my own fresh eggs, and harvest my own fresh chicken meat, increase my self sufficiency, and learn to cope with taking the life of an animal.

Garden tender, to increase my self sufficiency, to enjoy nature, to enjoy food from my own efforts.

Chef, to make delicious foods for the nourishment and enjoyment of it, that you can't buy at McDonalds.

Maid, to teach my children how to clean and take proper care of their belongings and others', to enjoy comfort in cleanliness.

Decorator, with little means be able to create an atmosphere of beauty which brings comfort to the person seeking refuge in my home.

Handy woman, to not have to rely on others (Mike) to do all my dirty work.

Seamstress, to mend which allows me to save money, and create really cute crafts and clothing.

Chauffeur, to take my kids to sports and music lessons so they can develop their own talents and expend their excess childhood energy.

Mother who reads to her children, in hopes they will love words as much as I do.

Teacher, to help with homework and instill a love of learning in my children.

Confidant, to be non-judgmental of my husband and children, that they will keep me in the bosom of their thoughts and worries.

Best friend, to foster a close relationship with my children, so they know always throughout their entire life that I do and will always love them.

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