Saturday, September 7, 2013


All trees trunks and their leaves
stand in contrast. Firm rugged
bark so immovable and strong
holds each stem like stone
in the ground, but the contrast,
weeping willows sweeping the ground
as wind moves through it's strands
like a gentle blow-dryer tossing it
into a hanging coif. Pine
it's needles firm and prickly
as if each branch were laden
with a family of porcupines.
The pine cone, an extension
of that solid base, there is no softness
in the pine tree. I am surprised
how every tree, same varieties
grow so differently. How can Gods
imagination be so vast to never
make two trees exactly alike. Makes me
wonder about humans. Identical twins,
once you get to know them you can tell
the different expressions of their faces
minuscule, is enough to separate them.
How is it that we are the same,
two eyes, two ears, one nose, one mouth,
and we look different. I cannot
comprehend it, I cannot imagine
so many characters, there must
be a God, someone infinite
who can create so much variety
from the same mold.

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