Thursday, September 26, 2013

Long Beach

It's been a week since we got back from Long Beach so I guess you could say this vacation update is a little overdue, but here it is. Better late than never.

I saw these DIY Busy Boards over at Mommy Testers so I decided to make some for our trip. Here are the results.


Hunter loves cars and I couldn't resist making him a little track as well. I was out of cutting
board space so I used the back of a small white board instead.

These were genius. The Lego's alone kept Hunter entertained the entire trip.

We stayed at Hotel Current in which is really close to the airport. I've stayed here a few times while flying standby and being trapped in Long Beach. It was so beautiful, lots of palm trees and greenery.

They had a great an awesome breakfast every morning with every breakfast food you could think of. Everybody got their favorite breakfast food every day, me oatmeal, Hunter a bagel and cream cheese, Amy cereal,and Mike breakfast burritos. Everybody had a happy tummies!

Our first morning we took the kids to the beach. We were having so much fun I forgot to take photos! But I did manage to take a picture of our sand castle.

The next day was Grandma Blanchard's burial. If you don't like ashes and think they're morbid then don't look at the next picture, but I thought watching her ashes drift to the bottom of the ocean was really beautiful.

On the boat I met my Dad's cousin and his daughter for the first time. (Because it doesn't count when you're too little to remember) This was the most anticipated moment of the trip. From left to right, my Dad, Cousins Dawn and Craig.

Later that night we brought the rest of the family and went out for dinner. Here's a group shot, from left to right, my 2nd cousin Dawn, her Dad Craig, her Daughter Laila, me, my Dad, Amy, Mike & Hunter.

While I was on the boat, the kids discovered the Hotel pool. I loved this pool so much, I wished so bad I could make replica in my backyard!

Our final stop on the way to the airport was to see the tide pools at Shaw's Cove. This was an amazing find. It's down a set of 58 stairs sandwiched between two homes. The place was littered with shells, like piles, we'd never seen anything like it. The tide pools were so full of living things we felt very rich to get to see so many types of sea life. The ground was covered in sea snails so we had to pay close attention to where we walked, otherwise you'd hear "crunch" I felt so bad anytime one of us accidentally squashed a snail. We also saw hermit crabs, 3 red crabs like the size of my fist, starfish, anemones, tiny fish, and seals and dolphins apart from the shore. If you ever go to California I highly recommend going to tide pool.

At the airport our check-in agent gave the kids wings. Hunter doesn't look happy in this pic, but secretly he was so excited. The first thing he did when we got home was tape his wings to his toy truck in the driveway. He thought it made a great hood ornament!

I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to say goodbye to Grandma Blanchard, and to meet family who last year I didn't even know I had. We were so blessed to have the opportunity to go. Now back to busy life. I loved the fun things we did as a family, but I am glad to be home!

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