Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Letter of Interest

For what seems like the one hundredth time my job is changing again. I'm not complaining, actually I think this change will be great, and give me the opportunity to do more of the part of my job that I enjoy most.. . . .if I get the position I'm hoping for. Next year 3 departments will be combined and then
divided into two groups with opposite tasks. So come January my current position at work will no longer exist. Fortunately, nobody is loosing their job. However, we all have to write a letter of interest explaining which job we would be best suited in.

I have been dreading this, I'm not sure why, maybe deep down I have a need for self-sabotage. Consequently I have procrastinated and written my letter today, during the very last hour of submission time. And since I have a hot date with Mike tonight for his Birthday. Happy Birthday Mikey! I won't have a lot of time to blog about anything else. So instead I used my Letter of Interest as a writing project. As mundane and for how much I was dreading it, it actually was kind of fun to write, and I'm pretty sure I included more information than my supervisors ever meant to require. That was for my own enjoyment.

FYI since this is public I blacked out names of the company and teams.

My five top strengths among the many are the ability to remain calm under pressure, be detail oriented, learn new tasks and changing roles quickly, Queues Crew Lead experience, and be a team player. In this letter I will explain why I would be an asset to the Operations Team based on these strengths.

When RTR was first taken over by Crew Support Leads we had more flights than usual to watch. Watching multiple flights at a time throughout the course of 10 hours was extremely challenging and stressful. One night in particular I was on my 16th flight and they were still coming. However instead of wallowing in the feeling of being overwhelmed, I made sure to step away when needed. As much as I hated to miss anything, I also realized that in order to function at my best I needed to take time for my mind to rest and regroup, which has allowed me to work RTR efficiently without becoming a nervous wreck. We all know there are many days that the Operation can become downright hairy, but with the ability to remain calm under pressure I would be very valuable to the Operations Team

Last shift bid I began working on the MyDevelopment project. I spent many hours making sure the how-to's we used were completely up to date. Melissa can attest to my compulsiveness for accuracy. She received many emails from me seeking her approval to make changes and updates. We receive many emails that require responses to many distribution lists and I know the importance of knowing your audience and checking templates for accuracy before sending. With the added responsibility of IDS and Queues we will be responding to many more groups than we have previously and I know that my attention to detail will be indispensable to the team.

Upon becoming a Lead I picked up on the processes quickly. I was able to feel comfortable working Precancels, RTR, and PASGNR after the first couple of times each one was completed. The operation is a constantly changing beast, and I am ready to jump on board with all the ups and downs.

Last fall I had the opportunity to be an Acting Queues Crew Lead. While there I learned how to use Sabre View 32, queue placing, how to manage morning and evening reports, and develop a greater knowledge of the queues that are worked and how. These added skills would give me a head start in the Operational side of the Queues Crew training.

I love working as a team and I'm always willing to help others out. I realize the success of the team depends on how well we work and communicate with each other. Several time I have stayed beyond the end of my shift because I did not want to leave my fellow employees with more work than could physically be handled by one or two people. I do this because of my Passion for JetBlue and Caring for my team. I am personally invested in the success of JetBlue. The Operation Team deserves someone like me who truly cares about its success.

Based on my strengths I would shine on the Operations side. My passion is for Operations and I support a shared vision of Crew Support Leaderships goals for 2013 and beyond. I would be the strongest candidate for this role due to my firm Integrity and ability to execute duties of the position with the utmost proficiency.

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