Friday, September 27, 2013

Halloween Decorating

Every Friday my Mom watches my kids while I am at work. This Friday she texted "Hunter wants me to get the Halloween stuff out, where is it?" I told Hunter yesterday we would decorate but
we were so busy he and I forgot.

My initial reaction, and what I began to type back was "he will have to wait until I am there". I read it back to myself and I thought, I don't want anybody going through my stuff, and they will not arrange things the way I would, everything will look wrong. Then I realized, I'm being such a control freak!

So I changed my reply. "It's in a tub under the stairs, oh he will have so much fun decorating" And I said to myself, so what if a decoration gets broken, so what if things are out of place this is something they will both enjoy.

Do you think I'm evolving or have I let myself go? I'm trying not to worry about the little things that don't matter, and shed my perfectionist identity. The bigger test, will I rearrange everything when I get home?

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